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Customized Personal Training

Whether you are looking to start a weight training program for the first time or an experienced person, the proper exercise routines and instruction are the keys for reaching your goals. The is the same for both gaining leaning muscle mass, changing body composition and losing body fat. As a personal trainer I understand the life long benefits of exercising. It is up to the individual to make a positive change in their lives. Together we will work as a team to set up your goals and desires of improving your current fitness level. Once you become a personal training client, you will also receive the individualized diet and cardio plan for your goals.

  • For local clients only
  • Sessions must be paid up front

Single Session

US $80 per session

10 Sessions

US $75 per session

(TOTAL = US $750)

20 Sessions

US $70 per session

(TOTAL= US $1400)

IFBB Pro Vlad Petric with Dr. Mike Camp


6 Week Training Program

  • Bi-weekly training split
  • Detailed workouts
  • Picture guidance

US $ 19.99

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